Gary Holdaway

How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.Marcus Aurelius


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A young writer from the UK with big ideas, and an even bigger passion for words. A multigenre author of both novels and short fiction, Gary has a flare for the suspenseful, the frightening, and the unknown.

Father, Fiction Author & Freelance Writer

I’d love to sit here and tell you all that I have a clear purpose, but the truth isn’t quite as simple. I feel like I have many, and I battle the world day after day for time to do it all!

You see, I love telling stories more than anything else, but that isn’t as great a passion in a world that doesn’t read! So I set about writing flash fictions and short stories in an attempt to suspend readers in a fantasy world, even if only for just a few short minutes.

Stories like these could help inspire a love of reading in a generation that has lost all concentration. It may help to show others that a good story is worth the investment, and who knows… convince them to pick up a novel one day?

When I’m not writing, I’m busy trying to raise my children as best I can, and attempting to stay physically strong. I remind myself daily that the biggest role-model to any child will be their parents, and so try to live my life in a way that will inspire two great adults one day!

The Mission

Right now my main focus is to build an audience here on WordPress and across social media. I put a lot of effort into producing great content, from reviews of the books I’ve read, to short stories, flash fictions, and a wide variety of lifestyle posts.

I try to infuse each post with a healthy dose of personality, and offer unique insights and perspectives on whatever may come up. I love to write about philosophy, psychology, fitness & health, and just all around enjoy the small things in life.

How To Help Support My Mission

A simple like, comment, and follow goes a long way in helping the site perform well, though shares and reblogs are doubly amazing! I’m always open to guest posting too so bare me in mind next time you fancy a day off!

If you happen to love what I do here, a small tip goes a long way! Head over to My Vocal Profile to see if anything takes your fancy!

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