The Hidden Beauty In Everything

A Universe Of Experiences, Emotion, People, and Places to Explore.

Road To Olympus- IG @gdholdaway

You may think it a morbid realisation for someone firmly set in the innocence of youth to accept his mortality, but that’s exactly what I did at a young age. This early acceptance of the eventuality of death, and the randomness by which it claims us, set me on a path of curiosity, universal awareness, and self discovery, that carried me through all the years of my life this far with a healthy hunger for psychology and philosophy. 

I love nothing more than to learn about the mind, the psyche, people, and our place in this vast universe, and in turn use those philosophies and ideas to help inspire and encourage others to live their best lives while they have the chance. The fact that we are mere specs of dust in an infinite cosmos of giant rocks and flaming balls of fire sets my soul alight!

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