GD Holdaway’s Epicinium

Not Your Ordinary Web Series


Welcome to Epicinium, an ever expanding world set after the events of Ragnarok. Enjoy the trials and tribulations of the Gods as they traverse their rebirths, attempt to reclaim their power, and navigate a world shared with all the races of the nine realms.

Enter the fully immersive world of New Midgard, where gods, giants, elves, dwarves, and humans alike exist in one place. Not only do I post a regular webseries that strives toward one chapter per week, but the world is slowly filling up with multi-genre side stories, news reports from a variety political biases, journal entries of key characters in the wolrd, and retellings of the old myths. 

Epicinium is a completely open world that encourages regular guest posts and even entire segments set in the world. Carve your story as the Gods carve theirs!

Coming Soon!

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